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Swiss Startup Association: oneclick becomes member

[oc_spacer height=”10″]On 31 March this year, the Swiss Startup Association was launched and has already 100 members. Each additional voice counts in order to represent the interests of start-ups in Switzerland. And now oneclick AG, which has its head office in Zurich, has also become an active member.

The Swiss Startup Association aims to improve the legal, regulatory and tax framework conditions for founders and start-ups in Switzerland. The association will work together with existing innovation and start-up initiatives. Its aim is to support these with the voice of hundreds of members. Another focus is the development of a start-up friendly atmosphere with Swiss authorities as well as an increased social and political awareness for the Swiss start-up ecosystem.

The board of the Swiss Startup Association is made up of experienced and well-known representatives of the Swiss start-up sector. They are all entrepreneurs who started their own business such as the association’s president, Urs Häusler, current CEO and co-owner of DealMarket.

“Start-ups are one of the key innovation drivers”, explains Mr Häusler. “In many industry sectors, they create more jobs than established companies. The Swiss start-up ecosystem grows continuously and becomes more and more influential. However, there are always some remaining important political and regulatory stumbling blocks, which prevent Switzerland becoming one of the most successful start-up locations worldwide.“

Accepted by the industry

Even at the beginning of its activity, the Swiss Startup Association was able to rely on support from industry, politics and the economy. Hans-Ulrich Bigler, Director of the Swiss Trade Association, said regarding the foundation of the association: “Start-up businesses are a vital part of the Swiss economy. They intensify the dynamics and competition in the market place. And with their creativity and innovation, they also contribute significantly to the wealth and welfare of Switzerland.”

“The big challenge for a start-up is to become a global player and conquer world markets”, add the three founders of oneclick AG, Dominik Birgelen, Mathias Meinke and Florian Bodner. “Only a few manage this, even though there are many start-ups with great knowledge and technological world firsts.”
One suggestion of the three founders: “It would be ideal to have an incubation centre on a national level to increase growth perspectives. This could evaluate new technologies and support start-ups with their internationalisation. Established companies as well as consulting and venture capital businesses could also be integrated in such an incubation centre.”
There is one thing the founders of oneclick AG have learnt: “It is impossible to manage it all alone. The key to success is a network that supports you along on your entrepreneurial way with all its hurdles. The USA demonstrate how it’s done.”