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Michael Scholl in the reference customer interview

Why the ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG chose oneclick™ as its solution and what goals and successes have been achieved through its use.


ROLAND Rechtsschutz-Versicherungs-AG is one of the fastest-growing providers in the industry. Through its subsidiary ROLAND Assistance, the company offers numerous services and cover letters, which are used, for example, in the event of storm damage to the house, accidents or car breakdowns. More than 200 international companies from various industries with over 40 million customers rely on ROLAND Assistance to optimize their customer service and increase their competitiveness. With a combined workforce of around 1,300 employees, the two companies generate sales of over €500 million.

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Initial situation

  • Acquisition and management of end devices by the company
  • Installation and maintenance of (VPN) clients for access to virtual desktops
  • Only Microsoft Server 2019 operating system available from the cloud provider


  • Substantial initial acquisition costs per workplacec
  • Lower productivity in IT and in the daily work of users
  • Softphone could not be installed on server operating system


  • High-performance virtual desktops in the cloud with Windows 10
  • Secure access via browser, without VPN
  • GDPR-compliant implementation

What IT solutions were you using for application delivery before you switched to oneclick™?

For our own employees and external service partners we provide virtual desktops in the cloud. Before oneclick™, users had to log on to our corporate network from their end devices via a VPN tunnel, which was then forwarded to the infrastructure resources in the Open Telekom Cloud from T-Systems. We used a virtualization solution from a third-party provider to deploy the desktops and authenticate the users. Previously, the virtual desktops were equipped with a Microsoft Server 2019 operating system, which was challenging because we also provide our employees and external service partners with a softphone that does not work on it. Instead, the softphone had to be installed, updated and maintained on notebooks or additionally provided mobile devices. Due to the necessary client installations, the end devices had to be managed by our IT to ensure secure operation.

What problem did ROLAND solve with oneclick™?

In summary: scalable workplaces in the cloud, without the hassle of managed endpoints. The virtual desktops are accessed by the users via the secure oneclick™ access solution via browser. We no longer need to install clients on end devices. Thanks to the oneclick™ possibility of equipping the virtual desktops in the Open Telekom Cloud with Windows 10, we can now also install our softphone and thus provide the users with a holistic workplace. Our company ROLAND Assistance provides breakdown services for car manufacturers and other insurers worldwide. There are regular limited campaigns and seasonal business due to vacation periods. This is associated with fluctuations in demand for our cloud workplaces. With oneclick™, we can now serve these at short notice and without complications.

Where did ROLAND start looking for a solution to the problem?

Deutsche Telekom has recommended oneclick™ to us as the provisioning, management and delivery platform for Workspaces in the Open Telekom Cloud.

How did oneclick™ stand out from other options?

oneclick™ has distinguished itself, among other things, through the deep integration of the Open Telekom Cloud. Using the oneclick™ management console, virtual machines can be provisioned in the Open Telekom Cloud completely automatically and delivered directly to users as desktops. We were also impressed by the highly encrypted streaming and the ease of access via the browser. With regard to our softphone, oneclick™ supports web-based 2-way audio in addition to Windows 10 as the operating system.

Was there an obstacle that almost prevented the deployment of oneclick™?

There was no “obstacle”. Of course, preliminary clarifications and checks took place. For example, ROLAND’s data protection and IT security requirements were discussed and implemented or were already available in oneclick™ by default. For us, it was crucial that no personal data leave the German legal area. The certification of the information security management system (ISMS) of oneclick AG according to ISO 27001 allowed us to dispense with our own extensive auditing measures in the areas covered. Among other things, all necessary technical and organizational measures for data security are specified in a contract for order processing.

What was the decisive product feature for your decision?

The appetite comes with eating. Even during testing, the simple creation of virtual machines in the Open Telekom Cloud and the high-performance access via the browser made a good impression.

What does ROLAND like best about working with oneclick™?

The personal and competent support. This can be reached via a chat function in the oneclick™ platform, among other channels. Our requests are processed very quickly.

Collaboration Support

What have you achieved by using oneclick™?

First of all, we were able to save on hardware costs, because without an end device provided and managed by us, there was previously no access to the corporate network. Together with licenses, the savings amount to around €1,500 per person. Today, users access the cloud workplaces with their own device. The provisioning time for a new workplace could be reduced from over 2 hours to 10 minutes. The good interaction between oneclick™ and the Open Telekom Cloud has also led to 3x faster performance when operating our special software. This increases productivity and user satisfaction. We use Excel in conjunction with SQL databases and perform evaluations via HCL Notes, formerly Lotus. The new setup relieves the bandwidth of our corporate network because a direct connection is established between the end devices and the virtual desktops.

What has exceeded your expectations in working with oneclick™?

The oneclick™ platform is being further developed at a rapid pace. Last year alone, there were more than 10 new releases with many useful enhancements. Customer requests are taken into account wherever possible. Another positive aspect is the stability and availability of the platform. The knowledge base is easy to understand and up-to-date.