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oneclick AG becomes a member of TeleTrusT

The IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT) is the largest competence network for IT security in Germany and Europe. TeleTrusT is a German association with international appeal as IT security is a cross-border issue. TeleTrusT supports innovative products in order to open doors for the German IT security technology industry and considers the vibrant start-up sector as a driver for the development of new, innovative IT security solutions.

“The fast moving IT world with its frequently changing requirements in areas such as IT security and credibility expects that experts and decision makers continuously keep themselves updated about the industry’s needs, technologies, processes and regulations“, explains Mathias Meinke, CTO of oneclick AG and responsible for the security architecture of its platform. “TeleTrusT fulfils an important bridging function for this exchange.”

More complex software and complicated connections between protocols, services and infrastructures make the potential IT target areas for attacks more varied and considerably larger. Here, the oneclick™ Application Delivery and Streaming Platform can counteract. Via cloud service, applications can be delivered from any server location quickly, easily and securely in a central 100% web-based workspace in the browser, without having to install a oneclick™ software component on infrastructure or devices. Only an encrypted stream reaches the devices and control signals are transmitted back, while applications and data never leave the secure hosting location. Multi-layer, intelligent systems act like a protective shield for each target infrastructure and protect against attackers and different forms of attacks. This makes the need for the operation of an organisation’s in-house IT security infrastructure largely redundant and necessary services are provided by oneclick as a specialised partner.

If you like to find out more about the Application Delivery and Streaming Platform of oneclick AG, please visit for further information and to register for a test account.

About TeleTrusT – IT Security Association Germany

The IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT) is a competence network, comprising national and international members from industry, public administration, consultancy and research as well as related partner organisations. TeleTrusT offers forums for experts, organises events and/or participates in events and comments on any topical issues relating to IT security.