Gartner® Predicts 2024: build a sustainable and collaborative digital workplace infrastructure Innovative control of sales using Smart Glasses and oneclick™, Germany’s largest vehicle market, supports its more than 42,000 registered dealers with the help of external sales service providers. Due to the good economic situation and the associated shortage of personnel, the partners must make great efforts to find qualified employees and retain them for the long term. For this reason,, together with the sales service providers, has identified criteria for professional floor and feel-good management in order to motivate employees and provide them with the best possible support in mastering the daily challenges of high-quality sales. wins Stevie Award in Gold in the category of Business Information Solution

For the implementation of the project, a technical solution was needed that would enable the floor managers to spend most of their working time with the employees and not isolated in the “executive office”. Of course, this can only be implemented if the floor manager does not have to be at his workplace to view and continuously check relevant information. Compared to the better invested time on the floor, estimated the administration effort for this as much too high. “Therefore, we looked for a possibility to make the job of the floor manager redundant in the ideal case”, says Matthias Schmidt, selling manager SME at “We wanted to create a virtual office for the floor manager, supported by a computer-based extension of the perception of reality. The real workplace environment should be visually supplemented with all useful information for a numerical and data-driven sales control.“

Data visualisation with Giant and oneclick™

In pilot operation, the floor manager’s desk is now called “Smart Glasses” and his office is the space right at the pulse of the action. The technical basis for the project is a central customer interaction solution with an interface to Salesforce,’s data management system. The applications and data are streamed via the oneclick™ platform for the employees into a workspace in the browser. “This virtualisation accelerates and simplifies our provisioning processes,” says Schmidt. “In addition, the security is significantly increased because we have full control over the data at all times and can provide new workspaces in a blink or withdraw the access rights of employees leaving the company just as quickly.

Another important component is the reporting tool “Giant” by Fusionex, which is also provided via the oneclick™ platform and visualises all data in a clear dashboard with drill-down function. The data prepared in this way is then played out into data glasses for the floor manager and makes it possible to offer support services for individual employees in real time. In order to make it possible to receive data for each employee ad hoc – just by passing – a QR code is displayed on the interface of the oneclick™ workspace. This is captured by the glasses while viewing the monitor and a personalised query is sent to the database. In turn, the database immediately returns all important key performance indicators to the floor manager’s smart glasses so that he can receive an up-to-date report on productivity and include it in the conversation with the employees. “With the introduction of this solution, we hope for a long-term commitment of the sales staff to our partners, an increase in efficiency and quality in sales and the creation of significantly more open space in floor management,” says Schmidt. wins Stevie Award in Gold

In September 2019, the project was awarded the Stevie Award in Gold in the category of Business Information Solution and is the culmination of a series of Stevie Awards that Matthias Schmidt and his team received for their outstanding achievements and innovative solutions.