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Keynote by Dominik Birgelen at Trusted Cloud Forum

Keynote speech by Dominik Birgelen at Trusted Cloud Forum

“Digitalisation” was the dominant topic at CeBIT 2017. Businesses with a digital agenda will not be able to avoid the use of cloud applications. As part of the theme “Trusted Cloud – Making a success of digitalisation“, the use of cloud computing was discussed in-depth. Organised by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and competency network Trusted Cloud e.V., four vendors presented how new business models could be developed using cloud computing.

Real life examples for real life applications

Via the oneclick platform, it is possible to set up digital workspaces worldwide within seconds and to provide software applications in a secure environment in a workspace in the browser. “The oneclick Application Delivery and Streaming Platform enables systems integrators to become managed service providers and to expand new business opportunities“, this was the message to participants by Dominik Birgelen, CEO of oneclick AG as part of his keynote speech. He used the cooperation with Munich based systems integrator SecureHead as a case study presentation to around 100 participants of the Trusted Cloud Forum. “SecureHead offers their customers tailored desktops via the oneclick platform and a comprehensive IT security architecture as a full service package, explains Dominik Birgelen. “At the same time, the platform also complies with most important standards such as ITIL, COBIT and BSI. This provides savings for systems integrators as they do not have to invest themselves into expensive certification. Automated processes also reduce the systems integrators‘ work considerably. Support is also simplified as this can be provided  via an integrated maintenance user interace.“


Trust in the Cloud

Since 2016 oneclick sucessfully fulfils all the requirements of the Trusted Cloud quality seal. This provides users with important information and guidance. “The seal creates trust“, explains Dominik Birgelen. “Our customers can rely on compliance with guidelines and standards, verified by an independent institution.“

CeBIT proved once again the importance of Trusted Cloud to the German economy. The Trusted Cloud Forum not only hosted user and vendor presentations, but also provided a discussion platform for reputable CIOs and CEOs regarding the ‘Success factors of the digital transformation‘. “Now it is important not to miss the digitalisation trend. As with systems integrators, oneclick supports companies to achieve a successful digital transformation of their business models“, summarises Dominik Birgelen.

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