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Into the Future with oneclick

[oc_spacer height=”10″]Only a few days after SecureHead’s managing director Marcel Sternkopf entered into a partnership with oneclick, his company activated the first ten virtual workspaces for one of their customers, a car dealership from the south of Munich. Using oneclick™, SecureHead provides their customer Office 365, its sector related software, book keeping, banking and the online store.

“oneclick brings us to the next level“, explains the founder of the systems integrator. “Via oneclick™ we can make any application available with a data centre of our choice“. This is the next logical development step for SecureHead, a provider of professional IT services.

Once he received his degree as IT specialist for systems integration in 2011, Marcel Sternkopf founded SecureHead. He had noticed that even though there are many service providers that specialise in hardware, only few focus on security and highlight this area within their organisations.

Monitoring, patch management, SLAs and contracts became his topic. From charging services by the hour, the company developed tailored service packages with a focus on security for the requirements of their customers. “Years later I learnt that this is called ‘Managed Services‘“, reveals Marcel Sternkopf. This new terminology was fundamental in helping him win new customers as they were now able to classify SecureHeads’s service offering.

Potentials from oneclick for SecureHead

With oneclick’s virtual workspaces, SecureHead evolves beyond matters of pure IT operation. Because the platform enables the delivery of any application via the browser, irrespective of where the software is installed: in a cloud data centre or on-premise.
oneclick always focuses on the user: “Users should always find themselves in their familiar work environment.”

Customers of SecureHead are all from the outskirts of Bavaria – a landscape rich in history, which is now a planning region, made up of four counties at the foothills of the Alps and the greater Munich region. These customers are medium sized companies with less than 100, and most of the time with less than 50 workspaces, they have no dedicated IT department and, at most, one employee who ‘looks after IT’. Currently the company counts eleven employees.

With oneclick, the application level has been reached. Marcel Sternkopf adds: “Today we speak directly with the decision makers“. This is no simple task for a service provider. SecureHead employees have to think like IT managers and develop themselves into business advisers. This is the biggest challenge.

Customer consulting

Nowadays, Marcel Sternkopf talks with his customers about the company’s value chain.: “How and with what do customers earn their money“. Afterwards he gets an overview of the IT landscape and evaluates which services can be delivered via the cloud. He no longer concentrates on managed services, but emphasizes the areas of data protection, IT security, responsibility and explains the operating model.

An important part of the sales process is the demonstration of a solution: At the customer’s, the SecureHead staff bring along a minicomputer and demonstrate the solution in a browser. “When the managing director of a medium sized company sees oneclick and understands that their applications could be available at all times and from anywhere with a high performance level but with a minimum of IT infrastructure cost, then the purchase decision is already made.“

The Trusted Cloud certification, which oneclick received in June 2016, is another important criterion for Marcel Sternkopf as it simplifies the cooperation. “Trusted Cloud combines several certificates. I don’t have to worry that my vendor complies with ISO 27001 or ITIL. Trusted Cloud creates transparency and as a service provider gives us the security to work with a reputable vendor“. Also important is that the certificate covers contract design as well as exit scenarios from the cloud.

Committed cooperation

Marcel Sternkopf values the open cooperation with the oneclick team: “With oneclick we share an active partnership. Our feedback as an experienced systems integrator is very welcome and we are close to the development process”. Especially important is the cooperation with smaller software vendors as their applications are in use at Sternkopf’s customers. “These companies often do not have the knowledge of how to operate their applications in the cloud”. Here they benefit from SecureHead’s and oneclick’s support.

In the meantime, SecureHead has activated a two digit number of oneclick™ workspaces.
oneclick CIO Florian Bodner feels this is a great achievement. “We are only at the beginning”, adds Marcel Sternkopf. He gives his ‘Vision 2020’: “We want to provide the customer with their complete IT operational model – from client to memory space and security using predictable monthly fees”. You can feel, he is planning great things with oneclick.