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Do you have to consolidate IT landscapes as part of a merger or acquisition?

Simplify IT integration and lay the foundation for a productive collaboration.

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Are you facing these challenges?

Complexity, time pressure and costs

Consolidating IT systems is a complex, time-consuming process that often involves delays and increased costs, creating unexpected hurdles that can inhibit productivity and jeopardise the integration roadmap.

Incompatible software applications

Different organizations use different software applications that are not compatible with each other, resulting in limited data visibility, difficult collaborations, and increased training efforts.

Security risks and regulatory hurdles

The integration of networks and systems opens up attack surfaces, especially if the involved companies have different security protocols. In addition, varying regulatory requirements can complicate IT integration.

This is how oneclick™ supports you in a profitable merger or acquisition

vpn restricted access
Restricted access due to network limitations or operating system incompatibilities.
zero trust

Application delivery via central streaming from the cloud with Zero Trust Architecture. Users can securely access a homogeneous IT environment from any location and any device.

“With oneclick™ we mastered the IT integration after our merger without any problems. The platform is easy to manage and gives us centralised, secure and flexible access to all our applications.”

Adelaide Byrd, Head of Operations, Managed Service Provider, 200 Employees

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Answers to your most important questions

We understand your situation and offer a solution that allows you to easily master the IT challenges in the context of mergers & acquisitions.

How does oneclick™ help with IT integration?

With oneclick™ you can provide desktops and applications centrally and on-demand in the cloud. The environment in the cloud is decoupled from the physical hardware and local networks of the involved companies.

How does oneclick™ simplify the deployment and use of applications?

oneclick™ is an instantly available platform service that does not require a dedicated setup and is much easier to use than Citrix or VMware. Staff quickly find their way around the modern, user-friendly environment.

What about software compatibility?

oneclick™ supports all common operating systems on the server side. Users can access their shared applications and data from any end device via the browser.

How is oneclick™ positioned with regard to IT security and compliance?

oneclick™ has an audited Information Security Management System (ISMS) according to ISO 27001. The security architecture is built according to Zero Trust principles. Compliance policies can be centrally managed and enforced.

How much does a cloud desktop delivered via oneclick™ cost?

This highly depends on the required resources as well as on the selected Cloud Provider. On average, you can expect to pay around $40 per user and month for a fully functional VDI or DaaS environment with all the necessary components.

How does the oneclick™ platform scale?

You can deploy oneclick™ from 1 user. The limit is the available resources at the selected Cloud Provider. Thanks to autoscaling, oneclick™ dynamically adapts the resources to demand. You don't have to sign a long-term commitment.

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With oneclick™ you stay in control of your IT integration, from the first steps to successful completion.