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Is your IT well equipped for geographical expansion?

Unify your IT across different locations and ensure high performance and compliance.

geographical expansion

Are you facing these challenges?

Decentralised and inhomogeneous IT landscapes

Different locations often have regional IT managers who go their own ways, or there are already existing systems that cannot be integrated with the main infrastructure. Setting up a new, local infrastructure is time-consuming and complex.

Latency problems with remote locations

When data centers and end users are separated by long distances, latency problems often occur. The performance of the system is affected and work with business-critical applications is delayed.

Hurdles with compliance and data protection

Geographic expansion requires compliance with different, regional privacy policies. Many countries require local data storage, making it difficult to centralize IT and comply with regulations at the same time.

This is how oneclick™ supports you with a well thought-out geographical expansion

different company locations

Different IT setups at the company locations. Users access a local environment via different access solutions or have severe latency problems.

uniform setup cloud

Uniform setup in the cloud. Users are no longer tied to a specific location but are completely mobile. Regionally hosted user profiles with subsequent synchronization to a central place noticeably improve performance.

“Thanks to oneclick™, we have effortlessly overcome our IT challenges as we expand globally. The platform provides us with a unified working environment in the Cloud so that all locations and teams can be connected without having to invest in and maintain local infrastructure.”

Jared Gibbs, CEO, Cloud Provider, 160 Employees

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Answers to your most important questions

We understand your situation and provide a solution to help you easily overcome the IT challenges of geographical expansion.

How can oneclick™ help unify my IT?

With oneclick™ you can provide a centralized and standardized desktop environment in the cloud that can be deployed everywhere in the same way and that can be scaled easily. Compared to alternative technologies, oneclick™ saves time and complexity when setting up new locations. All you need is an internet connection.

How can oneclick™ optimize performance?

oneclick™ enables to work with local user profiles that are synchronized to a central location. This minimizes latency problems. Therefore users experience improved performance when operating real-time applications.

What does oneclick™ offer in terms of compliance and data protection?

You decide where data is cached, synchronized or stored and who has access to it. The flexibility in data storage and authorization management allows you to comply with the required privacy policy.

How does oneclick™ promote team collaboration between locations?

Thanks to oneclick™, teams benefit from a unified platform with centralized data storage. Integrated communication tools strengthen collaborations between different locations, facilitate information flow and data exchange.

Can oneclick™ help new employees become productive faster?

By using oneclick™, new employees can get quick access to all the resources they need, regardless of their location. The unified desktop environment speeds up the onboarding process and reduces training efforts. In addition, oneclick™ has an integrated Learning Management System (LMS).

How does oneclick™ ensure continuous operation?

In a globally connected business world, the continuous operation of IT infrastructure is crucial. The oneclick™ Platform relies on highly available cloud technologies ensuring your business to run smoothly at any time.

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With oneclick™ you ensure smooth IT support wherever your business takes you.