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Are you dissatisfied with your current IT provider and the contract is expiring?

Revolutionize your application deployment and switch to a transparent and reliable partner.

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Are you facing these challenges?

Dependence and lack of service

You feel dependent and at the mercy of others. The IT service you receive is a black box for you. Long waiting times, inadequate problem solving and the unavailability of qualified technical staff are frustrating and cause breakdowns.

Increasingly expensive Citrix licences

The upcoming licence renewal with Citrix once again brings increased costs and the compulsion to commit for several more years. In addition, the complex solution, repeated restructuring and renaming of modules creates unnecessary administrative work.

Difficulties with Parallels

The use of Parallels does not meet your expectations, for example due to performance weaknesses with demanding applications, compatibility problems after software updates and complicated operation.

This is how oneclick™ supports you with changing your IT provider successfully

How oneclick™ supports you in smooth IT operations, even with a lack of skilled staff


Demand Recognition

We show you where you standing right now and what a modern IT environment should look like



We are happy to help you compare different technologies and providers


Project Sign-Off

A prerequisite for commissioning is a solid business case that pays off and delivers quality improvements



See for yourself how easy oneclick™ works for the deployment of business applications



Together we finalize the contracts and plan the rollout

“Switching to oneclick™ was a real upgrade for us. We made the transition in less than a week and the support from the team has been first class. Our costs have gone down, service levels have increased significantly and we now have more time to focus on our core business.”

Ray Oliver, CEO, Managed Service Provider, 80 Employees

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Answers to your most important questions

We understand your situation and offer a solution that allows you to easily leave the challenges with your existing IT provider behind by switching.

Does oneclick™ offer the required functions?

Compared to competitive solutions, oneclick™ offers all the functions you need for efficient application deployment in one central platform. In addition, oneclick™ has an API and can be integrated with existing systems.

How can oneclick™ reduce my dependency?

oneclick™ is an independent platform service that helps orchestrate infrastructure resources across a wide range of cloud providers. Instead of proprietary technologies and vendor lock-in, with oneclick™ you rely on multi-cloud and open standards.

What are the costs?

Unlike alternative application deployment models and technologies, oneclick™ helps to optimize IT costs holistically. With oneclick™ you can achieve savings in hardware, software, processes and external services.

Can a seamless migration be ensured?

Our team of experts accompanies you through the entire migration process, from planning to successful implementation. A pilot operation is followed by going live. After a short period of parallel operation, the previous services can be switched off.

Can we make it in time?

As a platform service, oneclick™ is immediately available to you without complex and lengthy setup. A client desktop infrastructure can be migrated in just a few days thanks to standardised processes.

What effort is involved in a transition?

We design the transition so that it runs smoothly and with minimal effort for you. oneclick™ is easy to use. We also offer professional (video) training so that your employees can continue to work productively in the shortest time possible.

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