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Highly secure application provisioning with included Cyber Assurance

Remote access to software applications and data via the oneclick™ platform is so secure that there is now even insurance protection for it from the product provider Victor Deutschland GmbH and the risk carrier Württembergische Versicherung AG.

Cyber Assurance

Rising cyber-crime

The probability of becoming a victim of more and more sophisticated cyber attacks is increasing day by day. But how can the damage be limited? One possibility is a cyber insurance. The demand for cyber insurances has grown significantly worldwide in recent years, especially due to the higher risks of distributed infrastructures and increased home office and remote work. Since COVID-19, the majority of employees access computers in the company via the Remote Desktop Protocol. As a result, there are now millions of attack attempts on RDP connections every day, because they are often insufficiently secured.

oneclick™ platform offers maximum IT security

“For the deployment and delivery of software applications and data, the oneclick™ platform offers its customers the highest level of IT security”, says Dominik Birgelen, CEO of oneclick AG.

Dominik Birgelen

“Unlike traditional application provisioning for remote workplaces via RDP and VPN, our highly encrypted streaming and other mechanisms guarantee that no external attackers or malware can penetrate the connected company networks. We often invest a lot of time to discuss the extensive security components of the oneclick™ platform in detail. We wanted to simplify and shorten this process and additionally ensure trust among our customers. Certifications alone are not enough. That’s why we have looked for a more solid protection and developed together with our partners a Cyber Assurance.”

Underwriting agent Victor Deutschland GmbH and Württembergische Versicherung as partners

“The concept of oneclick™ has convinced us”, confirms Alexander Arias, member of the management of the product provider Victor Deutschland GmbH. Together with the Württembergische Versicherung, an innovative and unique insurance concept has therefore been launched on the market, with a real added value for the customers.

“The same what the oneclick™ platform offers for the deployment of cloud infrastructure and the delivery of software applications and data into a digital workspace in the browser should also be implemented for the Cyber Assurance,” adds Dominik Birgelen. “As with oneclick™, the value proposition is therefore ‘simplicity’. The new Cyber Assurance is activated immediately with the booking of a user license within the oneclick™ platform over the entire term of the contract.“

oneclick™ with Cyber Assurance

Advantages compared to classic cyber insurances

The conclusion of classic cyber insurances usually takes several weeks and for larger companies even months. Interested parties have to fill out extensive questionnaires to determine the risk. Cyber experts visit the company and check the local conditions. Based on this, complex and often overlapping insurance modules are put together, which quickly cause the customer to lose the overview.

With the Cyber Assurance in connection with oneclick™ these laborious preliminary examinations have already been accomplished by the insurance partners. Aspects like the safety architecture of the platform, the resilience, minimum requirements for passwords, implemented right and role concepts as well as multi-factor authentication are already positively examined.

Cyber Assurance with oneclick™

Cost reduction for companies

“The new concept is also more economical than previous models,” says Dominik Birgelen. “Many customers assume that with a cyber insurance, their own efforts and investments in IT security can be reduced. But exactly the opposite is the case: policyholders are forced to use state-of-the-art technology. And that can quickly become expensive, as investments have to be made to get a policy at all.“

According to the latest Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2020, spending on cyber security has increased by 39% compared to the previous year. “oneclick™ provides a comparatively simple and cost-effective approach to solving this problem by placing the highly secure cloud platform before the corporate network in just a few steps,” explains Dominik Birgelen. “Despite possible remote access to the software applications and data specified by the customer, oneclick™ reliably shields the resources from the Internet and from possible attackers. And there is another advantage: our Cyber Assurance can help reduce the cost of more complex policies for special protection requirements, if necessary”.


VPN without oneclick™

How does the Cyber Assurance work?

With the Cyber Assurance, oneclick™ is positioning itself against conventional virtualization and remote access solutions on the market, which regularly attract attention through their vulnerabilities. Within the scope of the new Cyber Assurance, oneclick™ does not rely on liability exclusions, but stands for the security of the solution. In the unlikely event of a security breach, customers receive a fixed sum per user license or, if lower, the actual damage incurred. Here again, the comparison to a classic cyber insurance is worthwhile: The payment is made in a customer-friendly way within 48 hours after detection, without complicated verification. The scope of cover includes interruption of operations, restoration of data and programs as well as measures to protect the reputation. According to the Hiscox industry report, the average loss from a security breach is around $57,000. A payout in this amount is already achieved in the standard version with around 200 licensees, although there are also larger packages with significantly higher payouts.

Learn more about the security architecture of the oneclick™ platform and the new Cyber Assurance:

With oneclick™:

Security with oneclick™

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