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IT security profiles for German federal elections delivered via oneclick™

The software provider temino relies on the oneclick™ platform for the secure and web-based delivery of its IT security and data protection solution ISiMap to users.

temino GmbH is the manufacturer of the IT security and data protection solution ISiMap. The software facilitates the work of employees responsible for legally compliant information security and personal data protection. The implementation of an information security and data protection management system (ISMS / DSMS) has become mandatory in many industries. Critical companies, such as energy and water suppliers, banks and insurance companies, as well as supplier companies, must be able to implement and demonstrate an ISMS certified according to ISO 27001 or BSI. The successful implementation of an ISMS contributes to the sustainable optimization of a systematic information security. temino’s customers are industrial companies as well as municipal institutions such as counties, cities and associations.

temino Logooneclick™ replaces cumbersome and insecure VPN connections with highly encrypted streaming

ISiMap is hosted in a certified German data center. To make ISiMap available to users as easily and securely as possible, temino relies on the application delivery platform of oneclick AG, so that the Windows application can be accessed from any device via the browser. Highly encrypted streaming ensures extra security and DSGVO compliance because the application and data never leave the secure hosting location. oneclick™ thus replaces cumbersome VPN connections that were previously necessary for remote access. Using the oneclick™ Hybrid Drive, files can be easily uploaded, stored and – if shared – also shared with other users.

temino ISiMap

High user satisfaction at Städteregion Aachen

One customer using ISiMap via the oneclick™ platform is the Städteregion Aachen, an innovative association of municipalities consisting of the cities of Aachen, Alsdorf, Baesweiler, Eschweiler, Herzogenrath, Monschau, Stolberg and Würselen as well as the municipalities of Simmerath and Roetgen. After approval by the security department of the municipal IT office, employees of the Aachen city region can now access the information security and data protection software ISiMap via browser. The streaming of the application and the associated elimination of cumbersome VPN handling as well as the independence of end devices have led to a high level of user satisfaction.StädteRegion Aachen Logo

Employees of ministries and the Federal Office for Security work with oneclick™

ISiMap together with oneclick™ is also used by two working groups of the Federal Republic of Germany. On the one hand, this is the working group “AG Schulprofil” for the creation of a security profile for German schools. On the other hand, the working group “TK Wahlen” to create a security profile for the elections in Germany. In this process, around 10,800 municipalities and 68,000 polling stations receive election documents via the oneclick™ platform for compliance with IT security requirements, which come from ISiMap. Among others, employees of ministries and the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) are involved in the working groups.

temino IT-Sicherheit

Conclusion of the IT security manager at temino

The streaming of the application and the associated independence of end devices is very practical for temino’s business. “Thanks to oneclick™, ISiMap can be used on any operating system with an Internet browser,” says Jürgen Berndt, responsible for sales and IT security at temino GmbH. “The oneclick™ platform is very stable and performant.”