Price List of oneclick™

In order to meet any requirement, we offer you a selection of additional options for oneclick™ Basic. The prices indicated apply to end customers and are invoiced flexibly per user and month, without any obligations in terms of contract period.

Save up to 75% of IT Costs

oneclick™ is a universally applicable complete solution for the provision and deployment of software applications and data. Through their deployment via a central platform in a work-space via streaming, oneclick™ solves a number of common IT problems. It also increases productivity, mobility and security. In comparison to traditional or alternative solutions, you will save up to 75% of your IT costs.

The right thing for everyone

oneclick™ Basic constitutes the basis for the provisioning and delivery of applications and data to end users. Depending on your individual requirements, you can choose between different extensions.



Description Monthly Cost per User
(excl. VAT)
∑ User / Customer 1 – 249 250 – 999 > 1.000
oneclick™ Basic
Includes the standard functions and all security mechanisms of the oneclick™ platform. With oneclick™ Basic serving as a basis, extensions can be added to the digital workspaces.
$ 18.00 $ 17.00 $ 16.00
oneclick™ Concurrent User
The oneclick™ Platform is also available as Concurrent user model. Only the actual peak of concurrent access is invoiced at the end of a month.
+ $ 6.00
oneclick™ App-Stream
By default, users are able to work with two simultaneously open streams. Independent of this, every user can deposit any number of connection targets as a clickable tile in his workspace.
oneclick™ App-Stream Flat
With the App-Stream Flat, users can open any number of streams at the same time and work with them.
+ $ 7.00
oneclick™ 3D-Stream
CAD / 3D applications can be operated 100% in the browser with oneclick™. The computing power required for rendering will be charged individually per stream.
+ $ 4.00
oneclick™ Cloud Resource Manager (oneclick™ Subscription)
With the Cloud Resource Manager, you can “within few clicks” provide and administer resources in the datacentres of well-known IaaS providers directly from oneclick™. There are no additional costs for the use of the Cloud Resource Manager, if you choose to order resources via the provided subscription from oneclick™.
oneclick™ Cloud Resource Manager

The Cloud Resource Manager offers the possibility to deploy and administer infrastructure resources via your own subscription. In this case, a fee will be charged for the advantages of automation.
+ $ 1.00
oneclick™ Two-Factor-Authentication (smsTAN)
The access to enterprise applications can additionally be secured with a two-factor-authentication (smsTAN) without having to change the provided software.
+ $ 1.00
oneclick™ On-Premise Automation
oneclick™ takes over the automated provisioning of users, applications, services and any number of target systems for existing server locations through Active Directory, MSSQL and MS PowerShell. This reduces deployment time for your software solutions.
+ $ 4.00
Extended Printing Functions
oneclick™ Printix printer management
The integration of Printix printer management allows users to access local network printers and to start print jobs.
+ $ 3.00
oneclick™ Drive 5 GB
oneclick™ Drive is your central storage with 5 GB capacity for your data, which you can access at any time. Other cloud storage, for example Dropbox or OneDrive, can be integrated.
oneclick™ Drive 50 GB
For an additional charge, oneclick™ Drive is also available with 50 GB storage capacity.
+ $ 3.00
oneclick™ Drive 100 GB
For an additional charge, oneclick™ Drive is also available with 100 GB storage capacity.
+ $ 6.00
oneclick™ Drive 500 GB
For an additional charge, oneclick™ Drive is also available with 500 GB storage capacity.
+ $ 30.00
oneclick™ Drive 1 TB
For an additional charge, oneclick™ Drive is also available with 1 TB storage capacity.
+ $ 60.00
More Options
oneclick™ Basic Support
In support cases, the included basic support is available during business hours by email and ticket system.
oneclick™ Premium Support
The oneclick™ Premium Support can be ordered individually per user, e.g. also for an administrator. Availability as well as reaction time for different priority stages can be found on our website:
+ $ 4.00
oneclick™ Whitelabel
Integrate your own branding in the digital workspaces and increase the visibility of your own brand.
+ $ 1.00

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