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Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations

Gartner, 2022

This Hype Cycle evaluates key trends in workplace infrastructure to lead the digital transformation of work.

Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations

Gartner, 2021

This Hype Cycle evaluates critical digital workplace technologies required to allow workers to remain connected and productive in new hybrid-work models.

Best Practices: Technology Experience Management

Forrester, 2021

Learn How Your Peers Tackle The Top Five Tech Experience Challenges.

Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations

Gartner, 2020

Infrastructure and operations leaders should use this Hype Cycle to understand the relative market maturity levels of user and team devices, evolving endpoint management tooling, and technologies and scenarios for wearables in the enterprise.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak: Short- and Long-Term Actions for CIOs

Gartner, 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted operations and will have prolonged impacts on continuity of operations, modes of working and growth patterns. CIOs need to respond to the crisis with both short- and long-term actions to increase resilience against future disruptions, and prepare for rebound and growth.

Choose a Meeting Solution That Performs Well on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Gartner, 2020

Getting a meeting solution to perform well on virtual desktop infrastructure in terms of audio and video quality has always been a challenge. This report will help application leaders identify and deliver meeting solutions that perform consistently well in a VDI environment.

A Practical Guide To A Zero Trust Implementation

Forrester, 2020

Security leaders should read this report to understand the practical building blocks of a successful Zero Trust implementation roadmap.

2020 Technology Predictions

GP Bullhound, 2019

Trends and innovations shaping the global tech sector

Digital Workspace Tech For Employee App Enablement

Forrester, 2019

18 technologies that empower employees with access to critical productivity apps.

Market Guide for Desktop as a Service

Gartner, 2019

Desktop as a service is a desktop delivery model that is maintaining high levels of hype with Microsoft’s entry into the market. I&O leaders will find that they can move specific use cases to DaaS, but cost and organizational cloud readiness are issues preventing broader adoption.

Hype Cycle for Unified Workspaces

Gartner, 2019

Unified workspaces deliver secure access to applications and data, using context to adapt to the task or location. The innovations in this Hype Cycle will power the future state of people-centric computing, increasingly augmented by machine learning, and form the foundations of the Digital Workplace.

Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace

Gartner, 2019

Application leaders pursuing digital workplace initiatives will find this Hype Cycle offers a snapshot of how work will evolve over the next decade. New tools and services will spread throughout the workforce, helping workers become digitally dexterous within the context of the employee experience.

Hype Cycle for Mobile, Endpoint and Enterprise Wearable Computing

Gartner, 2019

This Hype Cycle illustrates the relative market maturity levels for user and team devices, evolving management tooling, and technologies and scenarios for wearables in the enterprise.

Zero Trust Architecture

National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2019

This document contains an abstract definition of ZTA and gives general deployment models and use cases where ZTA could improve an enterprise’s overall IT security posture.

The Future of VDI is Cloud

Forrester, 2019

Cloud-Based virtualization will surpass on-premises VDI to improve scalability and manageability.

On-Premises to Cloud – ein praxisbasiertes Vorgehensmodell

CloudComputing Insider, 2019

Die Erhöhung der Flexibilität und Geschwindigkeit bei der Bereitstellung von Ressourcen sind zwei der wesentlichen Gründe für eine Verlagerung von IT-Services in die Cloud. Während ein lokales Deployment von verschiedenen Diensten häufig eine Frage von mehreren Wochen ist, besteht in der Cloud die Möglichkeit, blitzschnell mehrere Server parallel zu provisionieren.

Schritt für Schritt in die Hybrid Cloud

CloudComputing Insider, 2019

Der Aufbau einer Hybrid Cloud lässt sich auf verschiedenen Wegen realisieren. In diesem Artikel beschreibt der CloudComputing Insider Schritt für Schritt die Nutzung der Platform-as-a-Service-Lösung oneclick™.

Physical, Virtual and Cloud Desktops: Is a Hybrid Approach Inevitable?

Gartner, 2018

Desktop as a service, also known as cloud-based desktops, further blurs the line between workspace delivery approaches. I&O leaders must determine when a hybrid approach is the best option.

Accelerating agility with XaaS

Deloitte, 2018

Many companies are using IT as-a-service to steer their way to competitive advantage.

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