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Do you wish to boost your economic efficiency and competitiveness? We would like to show you briefly and concisely how to improve your productivity, mobility and security with oneclick™ as a new form of provisioning and deployment of software applications and data.

Overview of the oneclick™ Platform

This webinar will provide you with a summarised overview of the oneclick™ platform’s various areas of application and functionalities.


  • Customers’ demands which can be fulfilled with oneclick™
  • The context: Everything-as-a-Service
  • Two areas of application
  • Platform-architecture
  • Unique selling points
  • Live-demo of the oneclick™ platform


Dominik Birgelen
Customer Success Officer


  • Duration of the webinar: 45 minutes

Why participate?

Learn everything about oneclick™’s two major areas of application:
(1) Deliver applications and data from any server location in a simple, fast and secure way to any mobile terminal device
(2) Provide new virtual machines in the data centres of well-known IaaS-providers and manage them with ease

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Get an exclusive insight into the oneclick™ platform.

Standard Webinars

Digital Workspaces as a Central Element of Successful Digitisation

For businesses, the digital shift marks the start of an exciting era full of opportunities. The challenge, however, lies in exploiting technical developments and possibilities to one’s own business’s advantage.

Provide and Manage Cloud Resources in no Time

How can you organise cloud resources in a simple way and use them to your advantage without having to worry about security? With the Cloud Resource Manager, you can provide and manage resources in the data centres of well-known IaaS-providers directly via oneclick™. The entire provisioning process is automated and can be carried out without specialised knowledge.

The Transformation from System House to Managed Service Provider

We assist system houses with the transition of their traditional business model to becoming Managed Service Providers. We would like to show you how to provide an attractive cloud workspace for your customers with true added values using the workspace in the browser and thereby generate a regular source of income.

Boost Security by Delivering Applications via Streaming

In this webinar, we would like to show you how to improve IT-security through the latest streaming technology. oneclick™ contains all components of a DMZ.

Complying with the Technical Requirements of EU-GDPR

With the oneclick™ platform for the central provisioning of applications and data, businesses can overcome a few hurdles of EU-GDPR without having to make drastic changes to their existing infrastructure.

Save up to 75% of IT Costs by using a new Provisioning Model

The oneclick™ platform is a universally applicable complete solution for the provisioning and deployment of software applications and data. Compared to traditional or alternative solutions, you safe up to 75% of IT costs.

Special Webinars

Shift your Workstation Computers into the Cloud

Provide your employees with digital workspaces via the oneclick™ platform and save administrative effort as well as 30% of your IT costs.

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