The oneclick™ technology-workshop

In our free technology-workshop on-site, we show businesses, systems integrators and software manufacturers, how to improve their productivity, mobility as well as security with oneclick™, as a new form of providing and deploying software applications and data.


  • Introduction and overview of the platform
  • Security architecture
  • Models of implementation
    • Workspace in the browser, the Unified Workspace approach
    • Improving existing server- and infrastructure locations
    • Provide and scale cloud resources
  • Savings compared to alternative solutions
  • For channel partners
    • Central administration of customers
    • Partner portal and partner locator


  • Duration of the workshop: ca. 2 hours


Mathias Meinke
Chief Technology Officer

Why participate?

Businesses will find out, how to solve a large number of common IT-issues with the oneclick™ platform.
We will show systems integrators, how to minimize operative efforts, create added value and open up new business areas and continually increasing revenues with Managed-Service concepts. Software manufacturers will learn how to effortlessly provide classical client server applications as software-as-a-service or rent models.