Shift your Workstation Computers into the Cloud

Starting situation

Many businesses already have some experience in transferring own applications into the cloud or in using Software-as-a-Service. By operating applications in the cloud, businesses can profit from the following and many more advantages:

  • Save costs as own hardware and data centres become redundant and respective operating and support costs are eliminated
  • Investment protection in case of hardware updates
  • Improved scalability and infrastructure resources
  • Higher availability (bandwidths and redundancies)
  • Audit Trail (EU GDPR, licence management for OS)

Additionally, moving local client desktop infrastructure into the cloud is an often unused potential for efficiency gains.

What is a client desktop infrastructure?

Client desktop refers to the entity of end users’ computers of a business, on which Windows operating systems and the required application programmes are installed.

How much effort is associated with a local client desktop infrastructure?

The connection of the individual local computers (clients) with the central hosting locations needs to be thoroughly secured, for example using firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, DMZ, an access solution and mobile device management.

In addition, the following components are required:

  • Remote dial-in infrastructure for mobile users
  • Separate backup- and restore infrastructures
  • Separate data storages for client and server infrastructure
  • Operation of a corporate network
  • Operation of one or more role and rights services (e.g. directory services) across several locations
  • Ensuring bandwidths for client-server-communication

Which solution does oneclick™ offer?

With the oneclick™ platform, businesses can move their local client desktop infrastructure into the cloud in a fast, secure and easy way. Every employee receives their own cloud computer, provided via oneclick™ in Microsoft Azure. oneclick™ offers automated provision of resources and streams the ready-for-use desktops or individual programmes into a 100% web-based workspace in the browser. Employees then sign into oneclick™ using any terminal device and access their digital workspace or single cloud applications. Thanks to high-performance streaming, low bandwidths are required, even for graphics-intensive applications.

How do oneclick™’s digital workspaces save costs?

  Dynamic adaption of the infrastructure

Generally, a maximum of 70% of employees work on their computer (client) simultaneously. Possible reasons for absence are leave, sickness, trainings, meetings etc. Unused resources are scaled down via oneclick™ and Azure, while a physical computer is always available.

  Lower hardware requirements

Cheap Thin Clients suffice for accessing the cloud desktop. In case of BYOD, client costs are eliminated entirely. Only a browser needs to be opened on the terminal device.

  Less hardware support

Installation of individual workspace computers is no longer necessary. Via the oneclick™ platform, desktops, applications and data are rolled out and provided in real time. Updates, maintenance, backup and restore are carried out centrally.

  Solutions for Endpoint and Mobile Device Management become redundant

Thanks to its comprehensive security concept, the oneclick™ platform (or browser) serve as secure barrier between centrally hosted apps and the terminal device.

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