IT Security in the Cloud

Cyber security is the key for digital transformation. Learn more about the security concept of the platform and how oneclick™ supports you in the implementation of strict protective measures. Use oneclick™ and safeguard yourself on the highest level!
Optimal Security with oneclick™

Protect yourself, your Applications, Data and Networks!

oneclick™ follows the German IT Security Act for critical Infrastructures. The Application Delivery and Streaming Platform meets the highest requirements regarding reliability and information security. Comprehensive provisions have been made to avoid disruptions to the availability, integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of the IT systems, components and processes:

  1. The redundant structure of critical systems components ensures the platform’s high availability.
  2. Because of the streaming technology in use the transmitted data reach the recipient unchanged and complete. 
  3. Due to working within a secure workspace in the browser and a comprehensive rights and role concept, sensitive data is only available to authorized parties. 
  4. A multi-level authentication establishes the unique identity of the communication partners. 

Place your Trust in our multi-level Security Concept

Patented Security
Multi-layered, intelligent systems protect the platform effectively against internal and external attacks.

Lock Keeper Principle in the Authentication and Delivery Process

oneclick™ sets new standards in IT security with one-time profiles, which are provided on demand in a delegation process. The logical security ensures that no service process has user information available or is able to request these when they are not necessary. A further key aspect in logical security is the isolation on the protocol level. Here a proxy ensures secure communication to the customer’s target system and translates the original application protocol into an image or video stream. Thereby it is no longer possible for external attackers to smuggle malicious code into the application protocol.

Active Monitoring

oneclick™ monitors all platform components and network access points around the clock. This pro-active monitoring ensures that the Service Management Center of oneclick™ is always informed about the status of the platform and able to take protective measures, if required. In addition to this monitoring, our service partners and their control centers are also permanently checking all security relevant services such as firewall and network accesses.

Automatic Security

As standard, oneclick™ is protected by a multi-layered combination of firewall and service defined network rules. Strong DdoS safeguards also exist. With IPS/IDS and WAF, further security technologies are integrated, which complete the total protection portfolio.

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Benefit from our encrypted and protected Communication

oneclick™ relies solely on the latest encryption technologies such as TLS1.2 and the use of Extended Validation Certificates (EV-SSL). In addition, oneclick™ supports browser vendors consistently with enforcements of their restrictions and recommendations to safeguard communication in the internet. The use of in-house asynchronous streaming technology, which is permanently being further developed, removes security risks such as TLS compression.

Increase your Productivity with the use of standardized Network Protocols and Ports

With the provision of its platform services, oneclick™ throughout relies on standardization of the implemented network and transfer protocols and ports. This guarantees oneclick™ availability of its services from almost all infrastructures and supports network operators with the implementation of their compliance guidelines and control functions.

Wherever possible, for all its products and services in use, oneclick™ selects vendors, providers and technology partners, who also maintain strict ethics guidelines within their own organization. On the basis of these ethics guidelines, oneclick™ drives business relationships that are rooted in fairness, trust, law abidance and respect for the individual, in particular in areas such as sustainability, confidentiality and data protection.

Make your streamed Target Infrastructure invisible for Attackers

Outdated operating systems and applications are in their structure often no longer sufficient for today’s threat level. The complexity and number of threats increasingly challenges those responsible for security. But: What you can’t see, you can’t attack. With oneclick™, your existing system is no longer operated openly in the internet, but is connected to the Application Delivery & Streaming Platform. The IP address of your enterprise network is masked through the connection in the back end, which makes it invisible for external parties.

Rely on Secure Browsing
and hide your Source Code

Web servers are one of the key distribution methods for malware, which is loaded undetected and activated onto the local system during a user’s visit of an infected website. This enables attackers to access information from devices (Key-Logger, Trojan), use them for spam distribution or DdoS attacks as well as encrypt data and demand of ransom money for decryption. When you visit webpages using oneclick™, then the browser is encapsulated in a virtual machine and runs on a hardened guest operating system. In operation are also checked and continuously updated web filters. Web filters block infected websites and analyze the loaded data for malicious code. Through fixed saving of connection targets with secure login, oneclick™ protects against phishing by counterfeited copied of websites.

oneclick™ offers its own solutions to display websites with Secure Browsing. This allows a better protection than standard web browsers and minimizes the damage caused through man-in-the-middle attacks. The content of web pages is only transmitted to the client as a stream and not as HTML code.

Connect your distributed Locations with high Security

A permanent VPN tunnel according to the IPSec framework (Internet Protocol Security) is set up for a secure communication between the oneclick™ platform and the target infrastructure. IPSec guarantees strong encryption and data integrity. The framework uses certificate-based authentication.

Close all Back Doors

We guarantee you: no back doors! With oneclick™, you take over control of access to your applications and data. Unnoticed removal – neither customer data or process descriptions – is no longer possible thanks to oneclick™.

Secure Login to your Applications

No user data and passwords are transmitted to devices through the backend authentication. The login of the oneclick™ platform is done via clientless credentials transfer and is not transmitted from the client to the application.

Maintain Control of your Data

When using oneclick™, no additional data is collected or saved, but the platform simply enables their secure access via the implemented streaming technology. In the backend stored are only user name, passwords and profile information required for the login. Your profiles are stored encrypted and in technologically isolated storage systems. In this way you protect yourself with oneclick™ against attacks such as unathorized reading, amendment or deletion of transmitted and saved data.

30 days – full feature-set – free & without obligation

Rely on our
Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Technical security only works if it is accompanied by organizational and personnel measures. Therefore, oneclick™ has implemented an Information Security Management System (ISMS) with relevant procedures and regulations. We follow thereby internationally recognized Standards and Norms. We conduct internal and external audits in regular intervals. Our implemented processes and actions include: Security Organization, Requirements Management, Scope, Information Security Guidelines, Risk Management, Resource Management, Knowledge and Skills Management, Documentation and Communication Management, IT Service Management, Performance Control as well as Improvement Management.

Build upon our secure Platform Development

Security is a fixed component of our Software Development Life Cycle Process (SDLC). We consider hereby security aspects throughout all stages of the software development process according to the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Only programs and modules are used that have been correctly tested and released by the person responsible for security. As part of the quality management, regular code reviews, vulnerability and penetration tests take place.

Benefit from our work in IT Security Associations

oneclick™ is a member in numerous IT Security Associations. We are also in constant exchange with experts and receive daily updates regarding cyber threats. This means that we are always up to date and can react immediately.

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