Instantly available packages for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

For organisations that do not have their own IT resources or VDI expertise, or who generally wish to outsource set-up, operation and maintenance processes, we have created pre-configured and managed packages. Our turnkey VDI packages consist of the infrastructure of selected cloud providers, high-performance streaming via the oneclick™ platform, a comprehensive and tested security concept and a managed service. The packages are available in various recommended sizes depending on the desired area of application, the number of users and the required computing power. The specialists at oneclick™ take care of the complete setup of the environment, including Windows management, all necessary Microsoft® licenses, system hardening and ongoing operation, including updates.

oneclick™ Virtual Desktop – Single User Packages

Do you want an out-of-the-box and ubiquitous PC in the Cloud?

The oneclick™ Virtual Desktops are performant and accessible at any time via an encrypted connection over the browser, making them ideal for mobile use and cross-device working.

Cheap cloud desktops from


Ideal for individual businesses or encapsulated single-user environments in companies

Data centers: USA, Germany

oneclick™ Managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Multi User Packages

Do you want to provide multiple users with identical remote desktops or individual virtualized applications?

oneclick™ Managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure provides distributed teams with uncomplicated, secure and flexible remote access to central corporate resources.

Affordable infrastructure from


Ideal for small businesses

Data centers: USA, Germany

Certified and highly available infrastructure from


Ideal for medium-sized companies

Data centers: United Kingdom, Germany

Multiple certified and according to German data protection standards operated infrastructure of

Open Telekom Cloud

Ideal for large organisations and authorities

Data center: Germany

coming soon!

oneclick™ Managed GPU Accelerated Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Multi User Packages

Would you like to avoid the purchase of high-priced CAD workstations and instead use a GPU accelerated infrastructure as a cloud service with a flexible monthly or annual subscription?

The oneclick™ Managed GPU Accelerated Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a powerful environment designed for 100% web-based and mobile use of graphics- and computing-intensive applications.

Cost-efficient, graphics accelerated infrastructure from


Ideal for architectural or engineering offices and technical teams in mechanical and plant engineering.

Data centers: USA, Germany

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