We make your On-Premises environment mobile

oneclick™ allows you to access your existing On-Premises environments using a flexible and web-based platform. Thanks to oneclick™, mobile working has becomes a reality – using any device, from any location and at any time. Through central distribution of applications, it is possible to always be uniform and have the latest versions on all devices. Also no longer an issue – besides the complex VPN management – are problems in handling VPN clients on end devices.

The 2-factor authentication (e.g. mobile TAN, Google Authenticator or premium services such as Ping Identity, Okta) offers an additional protection of your existing software and infrastructure. Using oneclick™ ensures that your data always remains within the organisation, even with mobile access. You then adhere to the strict compliance guidelines and are already today prepared for the legal requirements of GDPR. Due to the performance of oneclick™, you no longer have to struggle with band width problems.

  • Retain the upper hand over your data
  • No client installation necessary
  • Full control of your data
  • No data leaves the On-Premises network
  • No bypassing of firewalls through third party software
  • 100% adherence to Compliance and Art. 25 GDPR
  • No “back door“ through third party installations

Application Examples

Example: ERP (e.g. SAP, Sage, Lexware, Datev)

An Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) constitutes usually the most important software within an organisation. The majority of the staff work daily with this software. ERP systems run on in-house servers and are either only accessible via complex VPN connections or not at all suitable for mobile working. With oneclick™, ERP systems are equipped with the mobility benefits of a cloud, even if the ERP systems continues to be installed on local servers.

Example: CRM (e.g. Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM)

A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is part of any organisation’s standard programme. In most cases it is necessary to set up mobile access to the locally installed software for sales staff to administer customer data. In future, customer data has to be stored securely within the organisation as part of the new GDPR. With oneclick™, remote access will remain possible to this sensitive data, without them leaving your location.

Example: Task Specific Applications (e.g. Tableau, WinJur, Sharepoint)

Task specific applications are widespread in various industry sectors. Usually, this software has to be installed on local systems as these are tailored individually to the respective organisation. This makes these applications inflexible for mobile use. With oneclick™, you are able to use these specific applications both mobile and securely. Worldwide access can be guaranteed at any time.

Example: Legacy Applications (e.g. AS400, Delphi-Apps)

Specially developed legacy applications are still in use and indispensable in many organisations. This slows down the path into a digital transformation. The move to modern applications involves high costs and considerable time effort. With oneclick™, legacy applications become mobile and secure, without having to invest into a move.

The Best from both Worlds

With oneclick™, you connect your existing infrastructures with the benefits of the cloud, without having to give up your own servers. As part of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, data sovereignty is regulated legally. Thanks to the oneclick™ platform, these specifications are 100% feasible and are not subject to migration pressure. The EU General Data Protection Regulation is automatically fulfilled with oneclick™ as encrypted stored data does not leave its original storage location. Combine the benefits of the cloud relating to mobility and productivity with the security of your own On-Premises environment.

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