Complete Solution for SaaS Models

More and more customers ask for cloud solutions to replace client-/ server architectures or software which requires cumbersome installation. Via the oneclick™ platform, any software can be deployed 100% web-based and regardless of end device. This also applies to CAD / 3D applications.

Cost-effective Provisioning and secure Deployment

There are two options for the provisioning of software. Either an existing server location on your premises, or your customer’s premises, is connected to the oneclick™ platform and the existing software applications are streamed to a workspace in the browser in order to grant users direct mobile access to these applications. Or a suitable virtual machine is organised directly via the oneclick™ platform and software applications are installed in the platform. If this option is chosen, the oneclick™ platform serves as a connection with the data centres of well-known IaaS-providers and for the complete provisioning and secure deployment you need only visit our website and spare a few minutes of your time.

Benefits for you and your customers

  • 100 % web-based deployment of software
  • No downloads or local installations
  • No costs for the development of mobile versions
  • Simple provisioning of test versions
  • Simple upgrading of customers to the latest version
  • Guarantee high-quality service and customer satisfaction
  • Expand your customer base
  • Customers no longer need to invest in a server infrastructure
  • Benefit from the scalability of the cloud

How oneclick works

Further Advantages

No VPN management, roll-out and handling
For remote access, no plug-ins or clients are needed on end user devices. Streaming replaces complex VPN management.
Multi-tenancy capacity
You are able to set up and administer several customers within your account. With oneclick™, every software becomes multitenant, even if the application does not support this.
Benefit from already completed Platform features
Respond flexibly to customer requirements and save on expensive implementation costs, e.g. for 2-factor authentication, single sign-on, resource management, application delivery control, load balancing and IaaS management.
Gain more time through Automisation
Stop worrying about cloud infrastructure. The provisioning of resources, as well as the creation of users can be automated and carried out via oneclick™ without any technical expertise. Simply choose your cloud provider and get started.
Offer Added Value
By providing your software via oneclick™, your customers can use the platform to integrate additional applications from third-party manufacturers.
Branding through Whitelabel
You can individually design the workspace for browser-based access to your software applications.
Implement Complex Scenarios
oneclick™ enables the connection of local network printers, enterprise drives and diverse peripherals. Automatic program starts can be realised too, so that office applications, for instance, can be opened directly by the ERP.
Takeover of 1st Level Support
Our support is at our customers service 24/7. We speak both German and English. We would be delighted to take over your first level support on a project basis and thus relieve pressure on your own resources.

Completely protected

Certified security

The oneclick™ platform is equipped with comprehensive security features and comprises all components of a DMZ. As every access is made via oneclick™ as a Gateway, the hosting location is securely protected.

Ensure Compliance

If you deliver applications and data via oneclick™, the interface to the customer automatically complies with the most important international regulations, standards and guidelines, such as ISO 27001, ITIL, BSI and COBIT. In no time, you meet challenging compliance guidelines of corporate customers.

Data sovereignty and control

If the customer wishes, local data retention under the customer’s own control is possible, even if software applications are operated in the cloud.

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