"What’s going on with this tablet; where are my applications? Yesterday in the office it all looked different.“

With oneclick™ you are always seated in your First Class Workspace

Use your familiar digital workspace. The appearance is always identical and the use is unchanged.

Further advantages as user
"Technical on-boarding for five new employees, nine software update requests and my boss also wants that White Paper!“

oneclick™ makes you King of Control

You can make new applications available quickly, easily manage licenses and smoothly maintain the overview of the installed software.

Further advantages as IT-Manager
"More home office? More time off? More enjoyment at work? What can I do for John Smith to make him more enthusiastic about our company?"

With oneclick™ become the Manager of the Year

There is no delay whatsoever with software deployment. Your employees have a flexible working environment and can better concentrate at the task at hand.

Further advantages for companies

oneclick™ for whom and what

As a User

Work more productively with higher mobility and security

Thanks to oneclick™ you access all your desired software and required data from anywhere and with any device via browser. They are always available to you on a digital workspace. Never again do you need to install software locally on your device. In case of defect, loss or theft, you simply use a replacement device and continue working from where you left off. Even CPU-intensive applications run at a unique speed.

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As an IT Manager

Deploy software more efficiently and distribute it device-independently

For the organization of digital workspaces, oneclick™ provides an integrated management framework as well as the complete infrastructure. You can set up new workspaces within a few minutes without any specialist knowledge. This is possible worldwide and even for a large number of employees who use various applications from different sources. The whole effort for conventional software distribution is no longer required. All you need for access is a low priced user device that operates with a standard browser.

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As a Company

Abide by compliance rules and boost business results

You save up to 75% of your IT costs through digital workspaces. oneclick™ helps with compliance of legal requirements and protects from sub-licensing as well as data misuse. The work environment of the staff is technologically isolated from the device. Company data is not transferred onto the devices and cannot be saved locally. oneclick™ uses an encryption and architecture similar to that of the banking sector.

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All you need is a Browser

  • We stream individual software applications or complete desktops from any source to any device
  • The user interface, that you use for access, is called a digital workspace
  • You work independent of a local operating system, existing computing power and storage
  • Our service operates 100% within the browser, with no need for any client installation
  • oneclick™ is available in 65 data centers to guarantee maximum speed during streaming

3 Options how software gets to your digital workspace

Suitable from any starting point and combinable as required

oneclick Access!

Access existing desktops and applications from anywhere

oneclick™ Access!

Do you have your own software licenses? Would you like to operate these on a server on-premise, at our place or in the data center of a third party provider and have secure remote access?

oneclick™Access! allows you to bring any target infrastructure onto any device. We use newest streaming technology to enable high speed data transmission for mobile and smooth working. Within a few minutes, the worldwide available service is connected to your enterprise network and set up intuitively.

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oneclick Pass!

Your central and secure gateway to all applications in the cloud

oneclick™ Pass!

Do you already have accounts in social networks and other cloud services?

With oneclick™Pass! you no longer have to waste one more thought on websites, links, user names and passwords. Now one single password brings you into a digital workspace from which you have direct access to all your services. With one click on the desktop in your browser window, you get to any application and are able to switch between services via fast selection menu.

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oneclick Go!

Subscribe to software in our oneclick™Store and start using it immediately

oneclick™ Go!

Would you like to avoid all the organizational effort of registering with different vendors or operating your own infrastructure?

With oneclick™Go! you are able to use software worldwide within a few minutes - simply and flexibly. You no longer need to take care of installations, patches, updates and IT security. Instead you simply administer your subscriptions and monitor usage patterns. If not already available in our oneclick™Store, we are happy to integrate any software for you.

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14 Use Cases where oneclick™ is the ideal solution

Branch offices

You save expensive leased lines when connecting from external sites. All you need is a simple internet access and you can do without a firewall and installation of additional software.

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD)

The integration of private devices in operational processes avoids considerable investments. At the same time, BYOD increases staff efficiency, collaboration and availability.


You are just about to invest a lot of money in a local IT infrastructure? Then include digital workspaces when considering your expenditure.

oneclick™ solutions for following IT pain points

Endpoint Management  
is complex 
and expensive.

Complex on-boarding 
and off-boarding of users and applications.

Remote access only possible with additional software on the server.

Latency too long 
during remote access 
from distant locations.

Connection of external locations requires 
expensive MPLS lines.

Find out, how oneclick™ can help

oneclick™ for Software Vendors

Your software in our oneclick™Store

Placement in our oneclick™Store, tailored service and a strong reseller network will generate new enthusiastic customers for you worldwide.

Generate new customers

oneclick™ for Systems Integrators

A new evolutionary stage of software distribution

We are the perfect partner for Managed Service Providers. Complement your existing offering with attractive products and provide tailor-made solutions to your customers.

Automate business processes