Cloud Resource Manager

With the Cloud Resource Manager, you can easily manage and provide cloud infrastructure.

Everything from one source

Infrastructure resources from the cloud lower total operating costs, offer high availability, scalability and flexibility. But, portals of many cloud providers, which enable set-up and administration of IaaS resources, are complicated to operate and require extensive technical skills.

oneclick™ has now integrated interfaces to Microsoft Azure, OVH, ProfitBricks, Wortmann Cloud, Amazon Web Services and IBM Bluemix. Therefore with Cloud Resource Manager, you can “within few clicks” provide and administer resources in the datacenters of well-known IaaS providers directly from oneclick™. The entire deployment process is completely automated and can be carried out without any specialist knowledge.

This is how easy the Cloud Resource Manager works

  1. Select IaaS provider
  2. Specify data center location
  3. Create a network
  4. Set up a virtual machine
  5. Generate a template
  6. Install applications
  7. Assign applications to a user workspace
  8. If applicable, organise a scheduler for automated switch on and off

Your Benefits

Simple administration

Unified interface for the administration of hybrid infrastructures and multi-clouds.

Without Client or Plug-In Installation

Access with any HTML5-enabled end user device, without the need to install clients or plug-ins.

Quickly deployed

Applications can be installed immediately and are delivered instantly for the user into a workspace in the browser.

Globally usable

Worldwide streaming service via the oneclick™ platform.

Integrated test area

Use the integrated Sandbox mode to test deployment models.

Individually adaptable

Provision of various instance types, including GPU power for CAD/3D applications.

30 days – full feature-set – free & without obligation

Or find out in which use cases the oneclick™ platform can help you.

Use Cases

Example for Businesses

Companies can complement their existing environment with cloud resources – quickly and without significant effort. Hybrid cloud concepts are realized in no time. When the company grows or you would like to implement a decoupled infrastructure for particular applications, you can immediately expand the environment.

Example for Systems Integrators

Systems integrators can enhance their offer with cloud services, managed workspaces, managed desktops and managed applications. Invoicing can be done using the existing partner contract with your provider or using oneclick™ as a broker. Due to multi-tenancy, you can administer all customers via one central platform.

Savings through Automated Switch On and Off

Automated Switch On and Off
oneclick™ serves as a central interface for the administration and deployment of cloud infrastructure as well as user access. The platform understands the use of applications as well as deployed resources. Depending on user behaviour, virtual machines can be switched on or off automatically. With a cloud infrastructure administered by oneclick™, you save considerable costs in comparison with the operation of in-house servers, while enjoying the full benefits of public clouds.

The extensive security mechanisms of the oneclick™ platform protect your newly created cloud resources and isolate the environment realiably from the internet. You save yourself time and effort for the set-up of your own DMZ. oneclick™ already contains all required components for secure remote access to applications: firewall, virtual private network (VPN), application delivery control (ADC), proxies, as well as identity and access management (IAM).

30 days – full feature-set – free & without obligation

Or find out in which use cases the oneclick™ platform can help you.

With oneclick™, all components of a DMZ are available from the cloud

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