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Follow in the footsteps of many satisfied ISVs, systems integrators, data centers and managed service providers: Expand your product portfolio with oneclick™ and benefit yourself as well as your customers from our modern and secure solution.
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With oneclick™ you get everything under one roof: An immediately useable platform for remote access, instantly ready and highly scalable workspaces for the users, a proven security architecture, a tool for customer support as well as professional contacts for all questions around IT security, mobility and productivity.
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Your Partner Advantages at a Glance

Use a worldwide Streaming Service
oneclick™ simplifies the deployment of applications to international customers as the in-house developed streaming protocol is resistant against latencies and low bandwidths. Our network of distributed data centers and optimized data paths guarantee strongly minimized response times during remote access to all connected server locations. Enterprises worldwide are provided quickly with new workspaces and your customers are able to work mobile from any location.
Offer individualized Workspaces
Provide custom-fit workspaces for enterprises, their departments or even individual users with a lot less effort from your side. React flexibly to existing applications and offer your own services ‚out of the box‘, such as managed apps, managed desktops or managed workspaces. oneclick™ allows you to supply complete desktops (VDI), web apps and SaaS solutions, remote apps or terminal applications (eg. AS400) via a central working interface. 
Cumbersome Endpoint Management is redundant
Save yourself expensive set-up processes of an endpoint management platform and constant administration of diverse devices. It is no longer necessary to equip devices with MDM solutions thanks to the special security architecture and deployment of applications in the browser. This enables you to offer real BYOD for your customers. It no longer matters, which device your customer uses and from which location.
Ensure correct Licensing
oneclick™ supplies you with a monthly evaluation regarding assignments and accesses, which will serve you as a recognized basis the for the invoicing of RDS SALs (Microsoft SPLA). The assignment and withdrawal of licenses is recorded in oneclick™. Therefore, it is always possible to track over which time period the user had been assigned and when he or she used an app.
Offer the Customer Added Value
As oneclick™ partner, you no longer restrict your customers in limited software solutions. When you provide software via oneclick™, your customer not only receives a universally usable platform, but is also prepared for hybrid and existing environments. No matter if software of third parties or existing in-house applications – all environment can be integrated into oneclick™.
Administer several Customers via one Platform
As a partner, you administer all customers centrally in a well laid out administration interface. This makes invoicing and provisioning of your complete services easier. oneclick™ has multi-tenancy capability, which allows you to set up and administer several customers within your account. For each company, you can generate any number of organization units, such as sales, marketing and production.
Provide easy Support via an integrated Tool
The oneclick™ platform facilitates communication and support between yourself and the users. As an administrator, you have access to the attached connection targets and you can equip the workspaces with the necessary applications and authorizations. The „act-as“ feature enables you to see the workspace through the eyes of a user. You do not require any additional support programs. 
Simplify and automate Processes
For you, oneclick™ takes over the automated provisioning of users, applications, services and any number of target systems through Active Directory, MSSQL and MS PowerShell. This reduces the length of time to make your software solutions available.
Benefit from already completed Platform features
As a partner, respond flexibly to customer requirements and save on expensive development and implementation costs, e.g. for 2-factor authentication, single sign-on, resource management, application delivery control, load balancing and IaaS management.
Strengthen your own Brand
oneclick™ is also available as white label. As oneclick™ partner, you can integrate your own branding into the digital workspace of your customers and hence increase visibility of your own brand.
Support with Marketing and Sales
As a oneclick™ partner, you will receive a personal contact partner, a login for the partner area with helpful sales and support documents, access to the development roadmap, online demos, webinars, sales training, freely transferable  licenses, free of charge PoCs, on-site appointments with larger customers as well as additional managed service offers all around oneclick™, such as managed printing and managed firewall.

Completely protected

Ensure Compliance

When you deliver applications and data via oneclick™, the interface to the customer automatically complies with the most important, international regulations, standards and guidelines, such as ISO 27001, ITIL, BSI and COBIT. This is precisely why many SaaS providers use oneclick™ for the collaboration with large groups.

Legal Certainty in the Cloud

Through the use of the oneclick™ platform, the customer gives their approval to a tested and practice-oriented legal framework. This consists of terms of use, a privacy statement, general business and license terms as well as the service level agreement. As a partner, you no longer have to separately take care of these contractual matters.

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