Continuous Improvements

Constant developments of the oneclick™ platform are summarised in the changelog. Here you will receive up-to-date information about changes, updates and further adjustments of the Workspace Provisioning and Streaming Platform oneclick™.


Version November 02 (1911.20.11)

  New, more user-friendly creation of cloud licenses: via Azure CLI or manually, new help texts, changes possible

  Revision of the “Basic” license type

  Improved messages to users in Cloud Resource Manager

  Introduction of direct links to app profiles for easy integration of oneclick™ apps into third-party applications such as Office 365

  Optimisation of the view of desk tiles: details of virtual machines are visible on the tile


Version November 01 (1911.13.01)

  Improvement of the event profiles: Time points for start and stop of cloud resources can now be set by specifying time zone

  Deletion of multiple VM’s in Cloud Resource Manager in one step possible

  New demo applications available for testing

  Extended setting options for apps for optimizing performance

  Integration of a support chat

  Launch of the oneclick service hub as a central data and API gateway for interface integration of third-party systems (connectors for Salesforce and a unified text messaging service are available for launch)

  General optimizations of the platform


Version September 01 (1909.06.01)

  Completely revised container-based microservice architecture

  Integration of Kubernetes as orchestrator

  Worldwide high streaming performance through flexible rendering clusters close to customers

  Independent customer administration with individual rights and discount management

  Protected access to internal and public websites with Web Access Protection

  Access policies to protect individual applications or the entire platform

  Integration of “Login with Azure AD”

  Automated setup of IPsec VPN tunnels

  Read out of virtual machines from stored Azure subscriptions

  Simplified event profiles for automated switching on and off of virtual machines

  Start of oneclick™ apps via direct link, bookmark or desktop link

  Optimised in-app menu

  Improved license model

  Assignment of apps at group level possible

  Live updates of changes in the interface

  Real-time app assignment

  Open API allows integration into own software solutions

  New admin dashboard with user statistics

  Improved role and rights management

  Usability improvements


Version November 01 (1811.01.00)

  White labelling

  General optimizations of the platform

  Optimized Cloud Resource Manager


Version October 01 (1810.01.00)

  General optimizations of the platform

  Web Access Protection (Beta)


Version September 01 (1809.01.00)

  Time tracking optimized

  Cloud Resource Manager Extension: Imaging

  White labeling

  General optimizations of the platform


Version July 01 (1807.01.00)

  System mails: new design

  General optimizations of the platform


  • Drive: .docx files readable after the upload


Version June 01 (1806.01.00)

  General optimizations of the platform

  WebApp: Keyboard layout setting is applied


  • Postal code field at the user settings is no longer required
  • iPhone 8: Tiles can be moved again


Version May 02 (1805.02.00)

  General optimizations of the platform

  New oneclick™ drive

  White labeling


Version May 01 (1805.01.00)

  Time tracking integrated

  Non-functioning Enghouse Elsbeth user (account) can be repaired

  Optimization of session handling

  Possibility to sort apps on the desktop

  Cloud Resource Manager: Deleting of subscriptions integrated

  White labeling


  • Resizing on Windows Server 2008 R2


Version April 02 (1804.02.00)

  Cloud Resource Manager optimization

  Usability improvements

  Session handling optimized


  • Enghouse Elsbeth access denied due to wrong configuration


Version April 01 (1804.01.00)

  General optimizations of the platform

  New app Enghouse Elsbeth campaign manager


  • Automatically shut down display errors on VMs
  • Cloud Resource Manager: Unintentional shutdown of the VMs fixed


Version March 02 (1803.02.00)

  General optimizations of the platform

  Improvement of general notifications

  Cloud Discovery Service for ProfitBricks (beta version)


  • Enghouse Elsbeth audio problems
  • Problems deleting a datacenter


Version March 01 (1803.01.00)

General optimizations of the platform and release processes


Version February 02 (1802.04.00)

  Cloud Ressource Manager usability improvements

  OC rendering Performance increased


  • Launching VMs from the Cloud Ressource Manager will result in an error
  • Artifact formation fixed


Version February 01 (1802.01.00)

  Optimized session handling

  Changes in Login/ Rest API migration

  Usability Improvements

  Internal OC API extensions


  • Screen lock does not disappear after closing the administration
  • Adding a new organization does not work
  • Problems with sending emails
  • Session disconnects
  • Post code field is not alphanumeric


Version January (1801.01.00)

  New design of the platform

  Optimized load distribution of the platform

  Enghouse Elsbeth advanced integration

  Usability improvements


  • Problems with session handling fixed
  • Reset password is no longer working (hotfix)
  • Application commissioning partially fails
  • Error with login rules
  • Copy & Paste on Windows Server 2012 leads to reconnect
  • VM profile can not be deleted
  • iPhone: Entry into active session not possible
  • Display errors in Cloud Manager data centers
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