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Digitalization in SMEs: not if, but how and when

Through digital transformation, an exciting and promising age starts for organisations. However, according to a survey by McKinsey, only every second medium sized business considers digitalization an opportunity. Read here how smaller businesses, in particular, benefit from digitalization.

Software Deployment

Software Deployment refers to all processes, which are necessary for the installation of programmes on computers: ✓ Definition ✓ Advantages and Disadvantages ► Read on!

Licence Management

Licence Management is the process within the business, which ensures efficient and legal handling of proprietary software: ✓ Advantages and Disadvantages ► Read on!

IT Trends 2018

Artificial intelligence, self-learning machines, virtual reality – what sounded like science fiction only a few years ago, now seems a possibility. We have put together an overview of some of this year’s and the near future’s riveting IT trends.

Mobile Working

Mobile Working in Businesses: ✓ Working Time Models for Employee Flexibility ✓ Advantages & Disadvantages ✓ Mobile Working and Data Security ► Read on!

In Cloud We Trust

Ever greater security standards and a growing range of services make cloud solutions increasingly attractive for businesses of all sizes. You can read here how to find the right cloud provider and what benefits the implementation of cloud strategies provide.

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