oneclick™ Advantages and Service Range for Users

You would like to work more mobile, secure and productive? Get to know the advantages of oneclick™ and benefit as a user from the versatile service range of the platform. With oneclick™ you receive an all-in-one solution for more mobility, security and productivity.
Stay mobile – in any Situation

Work mobile with the latest Streaming Technology

oneclick™ uses unique, in-house developed streaming technology, which no longer transmits any data on the device. Only an image of the connection target is streamed as an encrypted video. Applications are no longer installed locally, but are executed directly in the data center. The device manages with considerably less processing power, which also enables the problem-free use of older models. Even with low bandwidths, oneclick™ operates stable (from 128 kbit/s, eg 3G, LTE or WLAN) and you will not feel any different response behavior than working locally.

Access Applications, Data and Printers from anywhere

As soon as the initial configuration is completed, you can access your personal workspace in the browser via the internet. Saved connection targets are displayed as symbols on your screen and can be started worldwide simply with one click.

Use any Device for oneclick™

oneclick™ runs in the browser and therefore is independent of any operating system. All your device requires is internet access and an HTML5 supported browser. oneclick™ is ideally designed for mobile use as it has a responsive design for optimum working on smart phones and tablets. It guarantees perfect display with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Utilize CAD / 3D Applications on mobile Devices

Due to the powerful streaming, resource intensive CAD or 3D applications become operable on mobile devices. The necessary graphics power is generated in the data center where the software runs. Only a stream of the application reaches the device.

3D application in the browser

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Time to live thanks to maximum Security for your Data

Protect your Connection Targets from Attacks and Attackers

In order to secure your services against hacker attacks, oneclick™ permanently controls the behavior of the network traffic. Next to automated security mechanisms, trained administrators are in operation for monitoring purposes. They solely focus on significant deviations of the data streams and have no insight into the contents. If inconsistencies appear, counter measures are taken immediately and attackers are kept away from connected enterprise networks and server locations.

oneclick security

Protect yourself against Data Loss

oneclick™ enables you central and secure access to all your data. With oneclick™ Drive you can use every data source such as Dropbox, OneDrive and your own SMB data storage via the platform. Thereby you have the option to set restrictions for data access. This enables restricted access to selected directories for certain persons. In addition, oneclick™ logs all activities concerning your connected data storage to be able to retrace every activity.

Secure Access to your Workspace with double Identity Check

A two-factor-authentication (2FA) protects your personal workspace to make your system more secure, such as Google Authenticator or mobileTAN. It is also possible to integrate solutions of other vendors. A second authentication factor is requested in addition to the password so that only you have access to your workspace. A third party login using a stolen password or stolen or lost devices is reliably prevented.

oneclick™ Security
At oneclick we write Security in Capital Letters

Use your own Devices for Work

Due to data protection reasons and the potential risks of manipulated devices, employers are reluctant to permit Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD). With oneclick™, the browser provides a secure barrier between the own device and the work environment – sealed containers or mobile device management are redundant. Your device belongs to you without the employer having access to it or being able to either block or delete parts of it.

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Fast and simple – for more Efficiency

Work more productive due to a central Environment

The digital workspace enables central access to all applications that you require for your daily work. Assigned applications are brought together automatically from various server locations and websites without you having to manually establish several connections. This allows you to focus on the essentials. It is also possible to login the same session with up to 5 devices to work even more productive with several applications.

oneclick productivity

Use only one Password to access everything

With oneclick™, you automatically use a single sign-on for all saved applications and websites. You only have to remember one single password. The tedious login to every individual application is no longer necessary. The integrated multi-factor authentication ensures the best possible protection of your system against unauthorized login attempts.

Benefit from a Maintenance free System

Software no longer has to be installed locally as the oneclick™ platform operates 100% browser-based. We take care of the complete platform operation. Patches and updates with new features are regularly installed during life operation without the need for a maintenance window.

Access local Network Printers

Our partnership with solutions providers for print management from the cloud makes it possible that network printers become part of your digital workspace. The integration allows access to local network printers and to start print jobs.

30 days – full feature-set – free & without obligation

Or find out in which use cases the oneclick™ platform can help you.

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