More Flexibility and lower Costs with full Compliance

Many IT systems are not adequately designed for the digital transformation. Are you also facing the challenge to modernize your business software? With oneclick™ you will obtain the ideal platform for digital workspaces, offering a high savings potential and extensive legal conformity.
Equip your IT ready for the Digital Change

Administer your Digital Workspaces centrally

oneclick™ allows you as a business to provide the software used from various (hybrid) sources efficiently, fast and securely for staff, customers or partners worldwide. Users benefit from a unified environment and a simple to use interface.

With oneclick™, new workspaces are set up within seconds and equipped with all required applications using the intuitive management console. At the same time, the platform automatically provisions IT resources.

Offer your Employees Home Office, Remote Working and a free Choice of Device

Your staff can access all enterprise applications via oneclick™ from any place and at any time, no matter if they are at home, with customers, partners or in other branches. And this is also possible with their own device and preferred operating system! This results in a faster way of working, less mistakes and more motivation.

The technological separation of device and the work environment streamed in the browser ensures that sensitive data remains securely in the data center and that employees are not able to store them locally. Sensitive data and applications never leave the secure hosting location.

Stay ahead in Digitalization

With oneclick™, you integrate your existing IT systems and data sources in a central and highly modern platform. You get started in 3 simple steps:

  1. Connect server location and configure remote app profile.
  2. Create users or import from other systems.
  3. Assign remote apps to a user workspace.
A plethora of data and business processes are dependent on outdated software and hardware. Via oneclick™ you can also move legacy applications into the cloud without having to invest in high risk migration projects. You can enable mobile use, for example of old Windows or AS400 applications for your staff, customers and partners.

Facilitate intuitive Collaboration in the Digital Age

By using the oneclick™ platform, teams work together in real-time. New versions of documents can be shared quickly with internal or external users simply by sending weblinks. Also, sales staff access remotely all systems and knowledge resources via the oneclick™ platform, which they require for discussions with the customers and for post-processing. Presentations are filed accessibly in the oneclick™ Drive for all staff and can even be retrieved via the mobile network.

30 days – full feature-set – free & without obligation

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Optimise your IT Processes

Reduce your IT Costs by up to 75%

oneclick™ enables large savings in client management and hardware components during the switch from client remote solutions. Resources are optimized on application servers as oneclick™ communicates directly via remote, terminal and web protocols. No environment has to be operated locally any longer to allow remote access.

The elimination of complex mobile device and endpoint management, local security components for a demilitarised zone (DMZ) and a more simple maintenance environment, where administrators access centrally any digital workspace, all significantly reduces the amount of your IT department’s work. Thanks to the streaming technology, expensive leased lines for distributed locations are no longer required.

Only pay for what you really need

oneclick™ gives you full cost control. You can choose between a price per user license and our concurrent user model. With the latter, it is recorded during the course of a month, how many users were logged in simultaneously. This model can be very worthwhile, in particular when operating in shifts, from international locations or when people only access sporadically. In addition, our service can be cancelled monthly and there are no set-up costs.

Use oneclick™ for Enterprises of any Size

The oneclick™ platform is suitable for a large number of staff in international groups, but also for small enterprises starting with one workspace. The high scalability enables the implementation of oneclick™ at any starting point. You connect new and distributed locations quickly and cost efficiently – as an internet connection is all you need for access to central enterprise applications.

Move your demilitarised Zone (DMZ) into the Cloud

It is irrelevant if you use your own data centre or a public cloud: a core task for any organisation is to enable users a secure access via the internet to business applications and data behind the firewall. Full VPN access provides a significant scope for attack for the enterprise network. oneclick™ grants users only limited access to individual applications. The oneclick™ platform already contains all components of a demilitarised zone, which is available to you as a service: virtual private network (VPN), application delivery controller (ADC), proxys, identity management, authentication and monitoring.

30 days – full feature-set – free & without obligation

Or find out in which use cases the oneclick™ platform can help you.

Meet strict Compliance Guidelines

Comply with the Requirements of international Regulations

oneclick™ supports you with the compliance of legal requirements and recognized standards such as ISO, ITIL, BSI and COBIT. Also additional and company-internal regulations can be implemented. Passwords for access to critical system components are hidden for the users. Using oneclick™, you are already complying with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has to be implemented from 2018 onwards.

Keep an eye on Accesses

oneclick™ records accesses to the platform and individual applications. If required, you can trace which user accessed specific data at a certain time. Available anonymized – dependent on each legal environment – these protocols are the basis for external audits and internal evaluations.

Avoid Shadow IT

With oneclick™, the user has no opportunity to install non-authorized applications on his or her business workspace, without involving the IT department. Sourcing decisions are implemented in an integrated way and legally compliant, without facing the risk of high contractual penalties. This helps you to plan IT architectures and capacities reliably at any time.

30 days – full feature-set – free & without obligation

Or find out in which use cases the oneclick™ platform can help you.

oneclick™ for Users

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oneclick™ for Systems Integrator, MSP or Data Center

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